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Barlow’s 17.5 kW Roof and Ground-Mount System

Barlow is a community center located in northern Ohio. When the opportunity to install solar energy presented itself, the city knew that this was the right move for the community: “This is the first significant solar installation in [our community], and positions our city as an early leader in investment in solar energy,” say City Councilman Casey Weinstein.

One of Barlow’s primary interests was on the educational impact of these installations, so ecojiva engineers worked closely with community members to configure a system that could serve as the region’s first Solar Training Center. The installation features a 3 kW ground-mount system, on prominent display and ideal for educational fieldtrips, and a 14.5 kW roof-mounted system that is now used as a training aid for local first responders and utility company employees.

The system replaces approximately 50% of the center’s annual usage, which will ultimately free up capital that the community can then reinvest in other infrastructure, programs, or services.

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