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Denny’s 25kW Roof-Mounted System

Denny is the owner of a public accounting firm in rural Ohio, and serves as one of the certified public accountants at his office. Considering the nature of his business, Denny was no stranger to increased electric usage in the first three months of the year. However, as electric rates continued to rise, he decided it was time to take a stand against prohibitive energy costs, and to set himself apart from his local competition by investing in green energy.

After a free assessment of his site and his energy usage, ecojiva engineers determined that a 25kW ballasted roof-mounted system would be the ideal configuration for Denny’s business. This system would not only take advantage of the available roof space, it would do so without penetrating the roof structure, and would replace over 60% of the business’ annual usage.

Denny was also eligible for a federal grant program. He worked with ecojiva’s in-house grant writers to complete and submit an application that ultimately secured him $50,000 in federal funds for his project. In addition to his annual energy savings over $5,000, this assistance significantly increased the financial feasibility of Denny’s solar energy project.

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