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Roger’s 125kW Roof-Mounted System

Roger is the president and CEO of an Ohio-based medical supply corporation. However, with 6 warehouse locations in 6 different states, the business is conducting itself on a national level.

Considering the business’ future success, and the national impact the company has on the healthcare industry, Roger decided it was time to lower his operating expenses at his largest warehouse. By doing so he would free up capital that he could then reinvest in other business operations, thereby improving the quality of service he provides.

ecojiva engineers evaluated the corporation’s annual electric usage to get a sense of what kind of impact an integrated solar solution could have on the business. They also evaluated the warehouse site in order to confirm that it was suitable for a solar energy system, and to determine how the system would be configured to meet the conditions of the location.

Ultimately ecojiva engineers proposed and installed a 125kW roof-mounted solar energy system. Not only did it replace over 88% of the business’ annual usage, it fit seamlessly on the warehouse’s large south-facing roof, turning otherwise empty space into an energy-producing resource.

To find out how you might be able to integrate solar at your site, contact us for a free, no-obligation site and usage assessment. "back to HealthCare"

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