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Accelerating Energy Savings

The automotive industry has made great strides in recent years in improving the energy efficiency of modern vehicles; fuel economy is on the rise, hybrid vehicles are ever-improving, and electric automobiles are growing in popularity. But while automotive design continues to consider energy efficiency and alternative energy, the processes involved in the development and distribution of these automobiles continue to rely on high energy usage.

For example, electricity powers approximately 89% of the motors in manufacturing plants, and is the 3rd-highest overhead expenditure for most U.S. auto dealerships.
This high energy usage is also driven by
  • heavy repair shop equipment.
  • high-traffic dealership service bays.
  • energy-intensive automotive showrooms.
  • long operating hours in manufacturing plants.

Several of these processes are subject to unexpected shutdown, premature motor failure, voltage transients, and power frequency variation, which hinders productivity and profitability.

No matter your business, at ecojiva, we can customize a solution for your facility that will
  • stabilize your voltage.
  • improve your power quality.
  • lower your operating expenses.
  • give your business a competitive edge.
  • improve availability of on-site equipment.
  • eliminate pollution associated with your business.
  • help you set a precedent in your local and professional communities.
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To find out how you might be able to integrate an energy solution at your site, contact us for a free, no-obligation site and usage assessment.

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