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Collaborative Energy Solutions

The agricultural community relies heavily on a variety of other businesses for operations they may otherwise not be able to accomplish at their facilities, such as

  • Cold storage
  • Crop bagging
  • Grain storage
  • Seed production
  • Animal processing
  • Feed development
  • Fertilizer development
  • Equipment rental & repair
  • Farm implement dealership

As with other support industries, the energy needs of these kinds of businesses are varied, and depend largely on the kinds of goods or services they offer. However, they all depend on reliable energy to successfully support the agricultural producers they serve.

At ecojiva, we can customize a solution for your facility that will
  • improve your power quality.
  • shrink your carbon footprint.
  • lower your operating expenses.
  • give your business a competitive edge.
  • improve availability of on-site equipment.
  • eliminate pollution associated with your business .

In addition, for eligible cold storage and refrigeration businesses, we may also be able to integrate our cutting-edge ecoDMT™ demand management technology, which intelligently optimizes your solar generation, increases your solar energy savings by up to an additional 50%, and maximizes energy efficiency at your site

We can also create a unique storyboard for your main lobby or visiting area that showcases the daily generation and savings figures for your specific solar solution so that you and your customers can see your CO₂ and cost avoidance in real time.

To find out how you might be able to integrate solar at your site, contact us for a free, no-obligation site and usage assessment.

Customer Testimonials
Todd’s 20kW Roof-Mounted System
Todd was able to secure $18,525 in federal grant funds. A 20kW roof-mounted solar energy system replaced 100% of the business’s annual usage, and Todd saves an average of $3,500 a year.
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