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A Long History of Helping Farmers

For years, solar energy solutions from ecojiva have

  • freed hundreds of farmers from their utility bills.
  • reduced pollution associated with farming operations.
  • kept farmers competitive when commodity prices are low.
  • helped farmers earn sustainability qualifications from grocers and distributors.

These solutions have long been used for a variety of applications in the farming environment, and continue to be installed by qualified contractors trained in biosecurity safe practices.

If you’re interested in investing in a solar solution for your farm, ecojiva can provide a custom financial analysis to help get the process started. After conducting a site evaluation and assessing your electric usage, we can provide preliminary financials that will show the expected performance of a site-specific solar energy system over the next 25 years.

We can also assess your site’s technical needs and determine whether or not your project would be eligible for one of our cutting-edge load management solutions. Our demand management technology, ecoDMT™, can increase your solar energy savings by up to an additional 50%. By optimizing energy at each eligible site, we can empower businesses to not only generate their own power, but to maximize that power by prioritizing and shedding loads, preventing demand spikes, and eliminating inefficiencies.

We will also work with you on obtaining financing for your project, developing federal grant applications (when applicable), and securing any tax credits or depreciation opportunities you may be eligible for.

Contact us to discuss your energy needs in detail, and gain energy independence through solar today.

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