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Milk Your Energy Potential

Approximately 50% of the energy used for most dairy farming goes directly to milk-production processes, including
  • Compressors.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Milking equipment.
  • Cooling containers.
  • Water heating systems.

These processes must be completed in a careful and attentive manner, as to avoid stray electricity, which can reduce yields and harm the herd.
At ecojiva, we can customize a solution for your facility that will :
  • reduce your electric bill.
  • shrink your carbon footprint.
  • combat the rising cost of electricity.
  • support EPA sustainability regulations.
  • alleviate the reputation of animal agriculture as wasteful industry.
In addition, for eligible dairy farms, we may also be able to integrate our cutting-edge ecoDMT™ demand management technology. This technology intelligently optimizes your solar generation, increases your solar energy savings by up to an additional 50%, and maximizes energy efficiency at your site.

All installations are conducted by professionals trained in biosecurity safe practices who will work to curb the transmission of disease and infection such as salmonella, Johne’s disease, and bovine tuberculosis (TB).

Contact us to discuss your energy needs in detail, and gain energy independence through solar today.

Customer Testimonials
James’ 50kW Roof-Mount System
James and his family are incredibly happy with their new solar addition, and report that “working with ecojiva was a great experience. Our salesperson was attentive to every detail and checked progress regularly. The installation crew worked amazingly fast, even in snowy weather conditions. They were courteous and respectful, and cleaned everything up when finished. The grant writing team was outstanding in their efforts to present a concise, well-written application. We have only positive comments about the ecojiva team."
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