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Todd’s 20kW Roof-Mounted System

Todd owns an agricultural machine rental company in western Michigan. His business also offers feed bagging services to approximately 250 farmers throughout the region. Most of the energy at Todd’s site is used to power equipment in the business’s shop, including welders, air compressors, and lights.

In an effort to become a more energy-independent business, Todd worked with ecojiva engineers to design a system that met his site’s specific needs, and ultimately decided to install a 20kW roof-mounted solar energy system on the roof of his shop. The system replaces 100% of the business’s annual usage, and saves Todd an average of $3,500 a year.

In addition, with the help of ecojiva grant writers, Todd was able to secure $18,525 in federal grant funds, which significantly increased the overall financial feasibility of his project.

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