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James’ 50kW Roof-Mount System

James is an emergent dairy farmer located in rural Michigan. As the owner of a brand new dairy operation, James knew early on that renewable energy was something he wanted to bring to his site. Informed by over 60 years of familial experience in the dairy industry, as well as his own educational background in dairy science, James was committed to finding new ways to improve the milk production process while simultaneously integrating more energy-efficient technologies into his business.

Because James was in the process of building up his dairy operation, he had no electric usage history associated with his business. So, ecojiva engineers had to work closely with James to design a system that would replace as much of the dairy’s anticipated usage as possible, while still being economically feasible for the emergent dairy operation. Ultimately, James decided to move forward with a 50kW roof-mounted system that would replace 56% of the farm’s annual electric usage, and save him approximately $10,680 a year.

James and his family are incredibly happy with their new solar addition, and report that “working with ecojiva was a great experience. Our salesperson was attentive to every detail and checked progress regularly. The installation crew worked amazingly fast, even in snowy weather conditions. They were courteous and respectful, and cleaned everything up when finished. The grant writing team was outstanding in their efforts to present a concise, well-written application. We have only positive comments about the ecojiva team.“

To find out how you might be able to integrate solar at your site, contact us for a free, no-obligation site and usage assessment.

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