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James’ 45kW Ground-Mount System

James is a cash crop farmer located in rural Ohio who hails from a long line of agricultural producers. His operation has been in his family for over 100 years, and continues to find success with wheat, corn, and beans. In considering the future of his family business, James decided to invest in solar as a way to ensure that his farm’s legacy would be one of environmental stewardship and energy independence.

Most of the electricity at James’ farm was being used to power his grain system, including his storage facility and his grain dryer. Because roof space was limited at his site, ecojiva engineers determined that a ground-mounted system would be the ideal configuration for James’ solar installation. The farm uses an average of 55,000 kWh of electricity a year, so ecojiva engineers worked closely with James to design a 45kW system that would replace over 97% of the site’s annual usage, saving him a yearly average of $7,000.

James reports that the system has been in operation during the most energy-intensive time of the year, “the fall harvest season and the winter months, and [we] have only received two very small monthly electric bills. Quite a financial savings!”

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