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Our name stands for living in harmony with our surrounding environment. ecojiva provides sustainable solutions for powering a better planet. Our solar based approach lowers the cost of energy consumption, provides industry with predictable access to electricity and eliminates CO2 emissions.

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Be known as a true leader in your business community by going green with solar. By using solar panels to power your business, you will send a powerful message to your consumers while cutting down on operating costs. Although adding solar is a great way to save on your utility bills and establish a fixed energy rate, it also helps cut down on harmful pollution and will make your business become more energy independent.

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ecojiva designs and installs turnkey commercial, agricultural, utility-scale and residential grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems. We offer financing solutions, grants processing, technology, design and engineering, installation, real time monitoring and more... There are many incentives available for solar PV system. Some solar incentive programs pay you back over time, based on the energy you generate. Other solar incentives are one-time payments of rebates or credits. ecojiva is well versed with the incentives and credits. We have packages available for you to take advantage of these benefits and have great ROI. >>>Find out more...

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